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I decided to put some of my pictures here for all to see.  Just take a look and find out all about me.  Hopefully you will find some pictures you like.  I have spent years taking pictures, and the only ones I have of me are either when I was very young, or now, when I am much older.

About Pat
My name is Patrick Mower, but everybody just calls me Pat!  If someone does actually call me "Patrick" I often wonder to whom they are talking!

Now approaching 68 years old, I have lived what I think is a very interesting life.  I have many hobbies and interest, and always have had.  Since I was an "only" child, I had to entertain myself.  That led to many interests, from Stamp Collecting, and being a rock-hound to playing the organ and , of course, photography.

I went to all Catholic Parochial schools throughout my life until I graduated from high school, then a year at Loyola University after which I entered the USAF.  Having just flunked German, they made me a "linguist"!  For the first 10 years I was on the ground in various places, and after that I flew aboard a unique recon aircraft, the RC-135.  I have been to many countries, from Europe to the Far East, and lots of places in between.  You might say that I put on a blue uniform in grammar school, switched to Army brown for high school, and then switched back to USAF blue.  I always liked blue!

So enjoy your visit!
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